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“Kogi State is the most secured place in the country”- Governor Yahaya Bello

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According to report reaching oyogist.com, Governor of Kogi State, Yahaya Bello, on Friday said his state is the safest in Nigeria.

Bello said this during a special colloquium marking his 46th birthday.

“Kogi State is the most secured place in the country. You can move from one location to another without any fear of insecurity,” the Governor said.

According to him, he inherited a state “where farmers and herders were fighting, but all of that is a thing of the past.”

Highlighting how he has been able to secure his state, Bello mentioned that he destroyed class and religious segregation, which has helped to maintain peace till now.

According to him, the destruction of the Foundation of mistrust, segregation is what Nigeria needs to solve insecurity.

“Kogi was largely in trouble before I came. Whatever crisis we are facing in Nigeria today is not up to 10% of the crisis I inherited when I took over Kogi State. Today, we don’t care about class and the religion you belong, we see ourselves as citizens of Kogi State and that’s the foundation we laid for peace.

“The foundation of mistrust and segregation has been destroyed in Kogi State and that is what we need in Nigeria.

“I do not put the responsibility of safeguarding my state on the president. I do my own to make sure the problem does not escalate beyond my level,” Bello added.

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