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COVD19: “UK will succeed” Queen Elizabeth addresses the UK, Commonwealth nations

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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Queen Elizabeth Addresses UK and Commonwealth nations on COVID-19

The Queen of England and Whales, Queen Elizabeth II in a rare address, is speaking to the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth nations over the Coronavirus outbreak, OYOGist.com reports.

Her Majesty the Queen’s address is coming on the heels of thousands of deaths and a sharp decline in the global economic output following hard-hitting measures adopted by the government of several nations to curb the spread of the fast-spreading deadly disease.


“I’m speaking to you at what I know is an increasingly challenging time. A time of disruption in the life of our country. A disruption that has brought grief to some, financial difficulties to many, and enormous changes to the daily lives of us all,” the Queen spoke on Sunday, 5th of April, 2020 from Buckingham Palace.

The Queen used the address to thank healthcare workers and the NHS workers, referring to them as “those on the frontline” of the battle against the Coronavirus pandemic that has brought the world to its knees.

The UK has one of the highest records of the Coronavirus cases in the world, with nearly 5,000 coronavirus deaths and close to 48,000 confirmed cases as of the 5th of April, 2020.

Although the United States still takes the lead globally with over 320,000 confirmed coronavirus cases and over 9,400 deaths, the UK has seen a massive amount of cases, given its relatively small population compared to the US.


Her Majesty, the Queen also called on the world to stay indoors, saying “it is just the right thing to do.”

The Queen gave positive messages throughout her speech, with the phrase, “We will be with our friends again, we will be with our families again, we will meet again.”

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