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Nigerians drag Kemi Olunloyo for attacking journalist David Hundeyin

by Nwani Chisom
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Oyogist.com has learned that Nigerian Journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has gotten dragged by Nigerians for attacking Popular freelancer, ‘Dario’ Hundeyin, in what she described as ‘partisan’, ‘mediocre’ picture of Hundeyin’s investigation regarding the unwarranted death of job seeker, Iniubong Umoren.

Freelancer Hundeyin, had written a story on News Wire NGR about the young Nigerian job seeker, Hiny Umoren who was murdered in Akwa Ibom State, South-South Nigeria. In the story, Hundeyin asserted that “Frank Akpan is being used to take the fall for much bigger fish involved in Hiny Umoren’s murder”; and that “while Frank Akpan is certainly the primary suspect and was directly involved in the murder, there are other participants in the murder still walking free, while the Akwa Ibom Police Command intentionally bungles what should be an open and shut investigation”.

Kemi olonyo while reacting to the Incident extended her criticism to Samuel Ogundipe, the Managing Editor of Peoples Gazzette.

She wrote;

“Don’t compare me to David Hundeyin! NO King or Queen of Investigative Journalism in Nigeria. Most of you are stark Illiterates like Burna said. If I start exposing people, you will say someone has paid me. No IJ should be protected. You should be untouchable & LIVE IN NIGERIA.

“Don’t drag any Investigative Journalist to praise another. Stop trending me on such nonsense. I’ve done more IJ in my lifetime that Hundeyin will ever do. My 2 children abroad are older than him and I sent him a warning when he called me names. He blocked me after that.

“Hundeyin and Sam Ogundipe of People’s Gazette are Atiku’s boys. They are heavily funded by many politicians to expose rivals. Clearly I begged for my funding, used my money or applied for small grants. Ur most hated politician once offered me millions to distort news I refused!

“Samuel Ogundipe is very dishonest. He sneaked into Port Harcourt prison, lied to prison officials that he was a FAN of mine when he was actually an undercover Journalist. He was intercepted as he acted suspicious. They woke me up in my cell to meet prison officials URGENTLY. Samuel Ogundipe was taken to the comptroller of prisons office and I was asked to identify him. I did NOT know him.

“He was DETAINED. When he mentioned Premium Times a paper that said my father disowned me when he never wrote them or interviewed with them, I told them he was shady.”Samuel Ogundipe and David Hundeyin have the same set of sponsors. Ogundipe’s bank account was frozen by @officialEFCC on orders of the APC govt for leaking a national security document in Premium Times that could cost lives. The DSS surrounded the editor’s home, Samuel vanished.The APC froze Ogundipe’s account, even went as far as blocking his People’s Gazette url and website domain in Nigeria. Premium Times fired him. He was a liability. A good Investigative Journalist does not get funding from political sponsors or businessmen to expose rivals.

“The biggest mistake David Hundeyin made was to abuse someone using my name and El Rufai’s name to abuse that person. I immediately went to INVESTIGATE who he is. His followers are DAFT ILLITERATES. The same fools Burnaboy described. I dislike uneducated brainwashed NIGERIANS.That Politicians use body parts for all kinds of rituals and that there is always the middleman that will schedule your appointment for the job interview. Maybe all the Illiterates comparing me to Hundeyin who lives in a posh UK flat funded by PDP will go listen now. It’s pinned.

“David Hundeyin is NOT unique. The kid is inconsistent and not accurate. Most of you are already daft as you didn’t notice what he claimed to solve in #JusticeForHinyUmoren was already in my podcast in the pinned Tweet. Something I said on @TVCconnect in January 2018.”A good Investigative Journalist will not sit their ass in UK and report from a remote location begging for protection. You are setting yourself up for EXILE. Nothing will make me sit in another country investigating and exposing corrupt monsters. Hundeyin cannot enter Nigeria.

“Stop tweeting trending my name next to Hundeyin. Let sleeping dogs lie. I know more than most of you think. The daft NIGERIANS are the same ones accusing Sowore of collecting money from Tinubu to expose GEJ and the $2.5B Obama Boko Haram money. News is News. That wasn’t a bribe! She said further.

Nigerians while reacting to the Incident, severely backlashed Kemi Olunloyo for attacking David Hundeyin.

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