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Noble Laureate Quits Covid-19 Response Team Over Order To Declare Any Illness Coronavirus

by Amadu Victor
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Battle against the Covid-19 has been raging since March 2020 which has incapacitated significant activities in different nations of the world.

Anyway, what is progressively troubling is that in spite of all endeavours set up to deflect the gigantic/monstrous disease, it continues expanding on daily basis particularly in Nigeria and other African nations.

Despite that, some countries are straightforwardly taking care of the case, giving their citizens the genuine condition and number of contaminated people, while others are believed to hyping the number everyday for reasons suspected to be for monetary benefit.

Majority of the citizens in Nigeria and other African nations have lost the trust in their government authorities dealing with the control of the deadly virus.

Initially, researchers had revealed to us that because of the hot temperature in Africa, the coronavirus pandemic can’t prevail in Africa.

Also, coronavirus patient in different nations barely breathes and are consistently on ventilators. Yet, Nigeria, coronavirus patients are seen getting a charge out of dinners and beverages (enjoying meals and drinks) sitting on the beds in the centres of isolation.


Another development in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR CONGO) has loaned belief to the uncertainty that coronavirus is profoundly hyped than the truth be revealed in Africa.

Dr. Denis Makwege, a member from the Covid-19 Response Team in DR Congo, has resigned from the team refering to a request to pronounce any sickness as coronavirus and any death as Coronavirus related and this is the explanation behind his abdication (resignation).

Denis Makwege (Dr.), a man of inner voice (conscience) needn’t bother with a prophet to disclose to him when he has gone off to some far away place (gone astray).

He announced that he can’t stain his Nobel Peace Price for money and material benefits as they had been requested to proclaim any sickness and death to be coronavirus.

Also, he revealed that after in excess of 100 samples were tested, none of them came out positive. The man of conscience along these lines decided to protect his profession and Noble name than getting rich by lying.

Word for word of what he said is, “getting rich by lying is a sin before God, therefore I quit.”

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1 comment

Phoenix June 19, 2020 - 3:12 pm

So even DR Congo is manipulating results too? What is wrong with these African leaders? Thank you very Dr. Denis Makwege. Your Nobel prize was well deserved.


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