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American Pharmaceutical company set to produce coronavirus vaccine in large quantity

by Amadu Victor
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The race to produce a Covid19 vaccine has been a tumultuous race met with many obstacles. Although some pharmaceutical companies have made a big break in isolating the virus and identifying properties needed to make a Covid19 vaccine but these companies are yet to give an accurate time frame and numbers of vaccine that are being produced.

This conundrum is about to change as Johnson and Johnson has announced they will have 1 billion coronavirus vaccines available by the turn of 2021. Healthcare giant Johnson & Johnson is looking to produce a billion coronavirus vaccines for next year, according to Dr. Paul Stoffels, the company’s chief scientific officer.

“We start clinical trials in September and hopefully have data by the end of the year,” Stoffels said Sunday on ABC, adding that the company is “now working towards one billion vaccines for next year.”

Johnson & Johnson is up-scaling manufacturing and will start producing the vaccine later this year, he said.

Stoffels said, “clinical trials need to be done to show that it is effective, and that will take some time.”

OYOGist.com reports


OYOGist.com reports

He added: “We will have some vaccine available this year, but it will depend on the authorities — the FDA and others — to decide whether it can be used earlier, before efficacy data are available.”

When asked if the coronavirus vaccine will be able in every part of the world? Dr Stoffels stressed that they are looking to produce 1 billion vaccine to serve not just America but every part of the world. He continued that vaccines are needed before things can go back to normal and everyone still alive needs to get a vaccine before most social distancing protocol can be lifted. He also claimed that medical practitioners will be the first recipient of the vaccine after the vaccine has successfully passed clinical trials.

Johnson & Johnson has also said that when the vaccine is ready, they will work together with International Organization to determine the modalities of distribution as they are determined to see the vaccine available in every corner of the world.

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