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Anambra: “We released COVID-19 suspect case, he paid his bills” – Hospital

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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The hospital that is involved with the Anambra COVID-19 index case has spoken out to address concerns being raised over their patient and put the record straight after multiple accounts have come out with different stories on the patient.

OYOGist.com has a digital copy of the Press Release sent out by the hospital involved in the matter – St Joseph’s Hospital, Aazi-Nnukwu, – who has decided to come out with its own side of the story following several reports.

The Press Release said the hospital never received the result of the patient and, as a result, cannot classify the patient as a Covid-19 patient, but would rather maintain the privacy of the patient as guarded by the doctrines of the medical practice.

Further speaking on the source for the concern that caused the hospital to request for a COVID-19 test to be carried out on the patient, the hospital said the patient had kept his recent travel history from his physicians particularly the Cardiologist involved in his case.

St Joseph’s further revealed that a Medical Staff that attended to the said patient had informed the Cardiologist that he suspected a COVID-19 situation after the symptoms the patient showed, such as shivering and coughing out blood where consistent with those demonstrated by COVID-19 patients. However, St Joseph’s Press Release said Cardiologist did not believe the symptoms were strong enough to suggest a COVID-19 infection.

The hospital, however, requested that the Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC) should carry out a test on the patient and are yet to receive the result of the test as at the time of the release.

The hospital further disclaims the statement that the patient fled the hospital and refused to be isolated as the said patient paid his medical bills and was, although against medical advise, allowed to go home since they did not receive the NCDC result to show whether he was positive for COVID-19 or not.

However, the hospital has called out the media for pushing a “false story” with an agenda to sow fear in the public and profit from unfounded rumors. OYOGist.com is aware that an article published by a major online media outlet claimed the patient tested positive to COVID-19 and escaped his hospital after hiding his status and symptoms.

See a copy of the statement released by St Joseph’s Hospital below:

Anambra Covid19 Index Case official statement
Anambra Covid19 Index Case official statement1

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