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Cristiano Ronaldo could wear two different shirt numbers for Manchester United

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Cristiano Ronaldo could end up wearing two different shirt numbers for Manchester United this season, Metro reports.

This is because the Premier League might not approve Edinson Cavani’s decision to hand over the No.7 shirt.

Ronaldo returned to Old Trafford on Friday after 12 years and now the discussion is about what number CR7 will wear.

Manchester United have submitted their shirt numbers to the Premier League with Ronaldo customary No.7 registered for Edinson Cavani.

United legend, Rio Ferdinand has already revealed Cavani’s willingness to offer his shirt to the Portuguese superstar but Premier League rules may not let that happen.

According to EPL rules, no club in the league change a number assigned except for exceptional circumstances.

Section M of the rule book relating to players’ identification and strips states: “Before the commencement of each season each club shall allocate a different shirt number to each member of its first-team squad. A club shall likewise allocate a shirt number to any player joining its first-team squad during the season.

“While he remains with the club, a player will retain his shirt number throughout the season for which it is allocated. Upon a player leaving a club, the shirt number allocated to him maybe re-allocated.”

But the 36-year-old could still wear the No.7 shirt in the Champions League and wear a different one in the Premier League.

There are no rules restricting players from using two different shirt numbers in European and domestic competition,” Metro reports.

Recall that having joined Manchester United from Arsenal, Henrikh Mkhitaryan wore the No.7 in the EPL and No.77 in the Europa League.

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