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Babajide Kolawole Otitoju takes a swipe on the peculiarities of Nigerian politicians

by Amadu Victor
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On the famous programme journalist hangout yesterday, Babajide Kolawole Otitoju the brain behind the programme made some interesting remarks on the make up of the Nigerian politicians, oyogist.com reports.

In his remarks, he said that the “Nigerian politicians are very difficult people, they don’t keep to their words and it’s difficult for descent people to relate with them, because at any point the politician in him will takeover and where you’re expecting descent ethical behaviour, you won’t get it because the politician in him has taken over”.

Babajide maintained that when relating with a Nigerian politician, you need to be extremely careful and tread with caution because they don’t keep their word. He said no matter what a Nigerian politician tells you take with a” pinch of salt” because that is the way they are configured. He said how can you imagine politicians working against their own party in a crucial election.


He went ahead to state that a politician will use a platform to get to the top and after achieving his target, he then decides to bring down that same platform with which you rode to the top. He said it’s only bad politicians that behave in this manner and we have many like that in country.

Babajide affirmed that the Nigerian politician is peculiar and we the people are peculiar too because we do not challenge our leaders rather we worship them, and never hold them accountable for mischief and bad leadership. He said the level of impunity in our country cannot be found anywhere.

He concluded by saying when one sees the level of impunity on display, the level of looting on display, the level of selfishness on display, one will agree that no where else can such be tolerated except our country.

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