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BBNaija:Vee wants to have a baby with Neo.

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During the Wager presentation, Wathoni gave an emotional speech about her son being her hero and after the Task, Vee and Neo were cuddled up on the couch talking about how Wathoni makes them want to have a baby.

Neo brought up this conversation after planting some kisses on Vee’s lips and Vee replied telling him that Wathoni makes her want to have a baby too, but they’ll have to get married first. So, does this mean we’re having a BB Naija wedding soon? Biggie, are you ready?

Prior to this discussion between the couple, Vee and Neo had yet another fight about food. The amount of fights these two have had over food sha, if it’s not semo, it’s poundo potato lol.

Apparently, earlier today, the food fight lasted all evening and they didn’t get to settle their differences until after the Wager Task presentation, when Neo walked up to Vee and kissed her.

“I hear that we often fight about food,” Vee tells him as they cuddle on the couch. Then they go on to talk about how sharing food should or should not be normalized in their relationship. While Vee believed Neo ought to ask first before touching her foo, Neo was of the opinion that being an item means they should be open to sharing things together. “It makes me happy to share things with you,” he told her and she replied saying, “It makes me happy to share with you too but not every time”.

Minutes after they settled their hundredth food fight in the House, Vee and Neo happily ate a meal of semo for dinner.

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