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Man narrates how changing his view about marriage made him happier

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A Twitter user, Damilola Praiseworth, @Depraiz, has shared some tips that has made his marriage happier, OYOgist.com reports.

In a lengthy thread, Damilola talked about how he “served” his wife when they were dating and the expectations he built of how she would repay it all when they were married.

“When I was still a boyfriend, I didn’t mind doing cooking and house chores to impress my wife when she visited. After all she was going to pay back in full when we get married by serving me totally because I will be the MAN OF THE HOUSE.”

“In all these fantasies I rarely pictured myself serving as I had done to impress her. I felt I would need to be rewarded for all the good I had invested in the relationship. Marriage would be my harvest and I would only serve her as a reward for serving me. It was all about me”

Damilola however had a change of heart when he came across a bible verse where Jesus “served”.

“Few months before we got married I came across a Bible verse, Luke 12:37 that stated “… I tell you the truth, he himself (Jesus) will seat them, put on an apron, and serve them as they sit and eat!” As simple is it sounds, it blew my mind and left me in tears.”

This discovery made him change his views:

“I got into marriage with a desire to serve my wife completely without expectations. To completely give my all and support her in cooking and chores as she always knew me to do as a boyfriend. I have gladly done so ever since and still doing that.”

He is happy with the decision he made as his

“service to her has made her to treat me right consistently even more than the expectations I had built up in my head. It’s as though each time I serve her, she naturally responds by trying to outdo my service. It’s like a healthy contest of service to each other”

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