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Only Ifa Can Reveal The Authentic Cure To Coronavirus – Araba Awo

by Amadu Victor
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As the world battle with coronavirus pandemic, Araba Awo of Ogbomosoland, Oloye Akanni Olagoke Adio JP, has said the only thing that can bring quick solution is to appease to ( God ) eledumare

OYOGist.com learned that the traditionalist said Ifa needs to be consulted properly on the modalities of the appeasement and if we do whatever ifa said we should do, then we will see the end of coronavirus because eledumare will wipe it off the planet earth

“Lockdown is not the solution, lockdown will only bring little relief, our fathers experienced measles (Ija olode), Ifa needs to be consulted, we did one here yesterday, so it is bound to disappear. Eledumare must be appeased. We all should cry to God in our individual’s way, if we do this, there will be calm; the evil wind will blow away.”

He maintained that the global threat was God’s way of revealing His bigness to the people.

OYOGist.com reports


OYOGist.com reports

He similarly blamed sin for the prevalence of the disease on a global scale recalling such an occurrence was witnessed also during the period of the prophets of Eledumare (God).

He cited a verse in Ifa corpus to affirm it had happened in the early time (Iroke Ifa abenusumirin, Adifa fun Orunmila njo iku k’Awo to gberi gbode, Ojo iku ale de ariira oko, Amora mi atale…).

He stated that it was because it was not unprecedented that it manifested in the Ifa corpus while stressing that appeasement of the Olodumare was the solution to the pandemic.

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