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Obasanjo Finally Reveals Why He Was Angry With Jonathan

by Amadu Victor
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OYOGist.com has learned that In a interview with New Telegraph, Obasanjo said he became angry with Jonathan when he started saying “Ijaw Nation”, describing that as nonsense.

Obasanjo recalled how he threw caution to the winds to nominate Jonathan as Yar’adua’s running mate, saying he also saw Yar’adua’s death as an opportunity for the minority. This was despite the feeling across different quarters that the North has not completed their tenure. (This is going by the zoning formular).

The Octogenarian said Jonathan, after winning the election, “started something that was outrageous to me.”

Obasanjo said “He started speaking and calling Ijaw nation. “He informed that he asked Jonathan what he meant by Ijaw nation.

He said he told Jonathan that if anyone merges Hausa/Fulani, they may be larger than the Yorubas, but if somebody separates Hausa from Fulani, Yoruba will become the largest tribe in Nigeria.

Obj said he asked Jonathan if he ever saw him talked of Yoruba nation, saying, “What he did was nonsense.”

OYOGist.com reports


OYOGist.com reports

The Owu-born retired General, said he asked Goodluck ‘What is the population of the Ijaw, while also reminding him that it was not only the Ijaw that voted him into power; but the whole Nigeria.

He said he warned him that, “It’s Nigeria nation and not Ijaw nation,’ but he didn’t listen.”

Obasanjo said this was the main reason why he was against Jonathan during his tenure as President.

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