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Coronavirus Update: Italy quarantine 16 million

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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Italy, the worst-hit country in Europe, is taking hard and aggressive measures to step the spread of the outbreak that has killed over 200 people in the State already, OYOGist.com has learned.

In an announcement made on Sunday 8 March 2020, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said that severely affected areas including the northern region of Lombardy and other places where 16 million live will be placed on lockdown due to the fast-spreading coronavirus that has taken over the country.

Italy is the county with the highest confirmed cases of coronavirus outside of China and the State with the most infections in Europe.


Italy has reported new cases of 1,247 confirmed coronavirus infections within the last 24 hours alone, and this measure, even though aggressive, may have some effects.

The country also reported another 36 deaths from the virus, bringing the existing close to 200 deaths to 233.

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UPDATE: An earlier version of this post said “18 million” in the headline. It has been corrected to 16 million. We apologize for the confusion.

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