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(Video)Watch moment fed-up husband gave up on his wife in South Africa

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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Marriages go through a lot, and the troubles seem to compound when the couple lives in a foreign land with different cultures from theirs.

A Nigerian couple living in a foreign country that seems to be South Africa is having a difficult time as the husband decides to move out of their house after getting tired of the troubles of his woman.

In the conversation, the man, sounding tired, said he’s giving up on his family and would go and live on his own. He said the mother of the wife prevented him from seeing his own children because he did not come in to greet her.

He asked his wife if she ever greets his own mother, or if she has ever called her since they’ve been together.

The woman tries to persuade him that she’ll change, but the man is not having it as he’s used to hearing the same from her. Then, he reminds her that it was the same thing she promised him when she reported him to the police, and when she also took him to court.

“Do friends go to court, and still come back to be friends?” he asked her. She tries to persuade him to turn off the camera and sit back for both of them to discuss it over, but he reminds her that one of their children must have a DNA test carried out on him.

He said he overheard them (the wife and her mother), telling the doctor that he wasn’t the legitimate father of the boy, Samson.

Watch the video below (spoken in Yoruba throughout, sorry if you can’t understand Yoruba)


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