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UPDATE: Man looking for married women to travel with him got a pastor’s wife, see how

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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Recall that we brought you a story of a man who advertised on Facebook that he’s looking for a married woman to go on a trip to Italy with him.

Mr Francis Van-Lare, the proponent of the idea on Facebook called it “indecent proposal.”

He gave conditions that the woman must be married for at least 10 years and have kids with her husband.

The husband that agrees to those terms was also promised a $2,000 gift.

Well, it didn’t take long before he got the right candidate after several women, many of them very desperate and some downright thirsty, applied to the ad.

According to reports, a pastor’s wife named Oluwapelumi Wonder emerged the winner of the proposal and Mr Francis Van-Lare said the offer was to help couples spice up their marriages.

Oluwapelumi Wonder, a Pastor’s wife won the Indecent Proposal

Giving his reasoning for picking Oluwapelumi, he said she thought out of the and said that someone looking to sleep with another man’s wife would not share it on Facebook.

He also shared that he noticed the contestants were beginning to get bullied on Facebook.

“The Indecent Proposal. I have to close the thread early as contestants are being bullied. We have a winner. The Pastor’s wife Oluwapelumi Wonder,” Francis wrote.

“I keep telling all of you to think as id there is no box but you will not listen. The husband will be given $2,000 as promised but he must use it to buy a ticket to Venice Italy and be thought how to spice his wife by my Italian friends who are experts in romance.

“While there, take her on a gondola ride, give her breakfast in bed, wine and dine her, go dancing, shopping etc and my expectation is there this trip will take their marriage to the next level.”

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