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More updates on suspects identified in Maersk MD’s attack

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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The suspects that have been arrested in connection to the gruesome attack of the MD of Maersk Gildas Tohuou and the killing of his wife in Ikoyi last week on Sunday 9 December 2019 have more on them.

It has been reported that the suspects have been planning their operation for nearly a week before carrying out the attack. They reportedly hid the weapons they used in killing the wife and injuring the man in an uncompleted building in the same estate the family lived in several weeks before the day of the attack.

The suspects confessed that they robbed the wife, Benedeth, of her cash, ATM cards, and other valuable items before killing her in cold blood.

They also confessed that they were not aware of Mr Gildas presence in the house before they carried out their attack, as the woman was their main target.

According to The Nation, the suspects would have escaped uncaught but thanks to the Lagos state Commissioner of Police (CP), Hakeem Odumosu,  who demanded a thorough sweep of the area they were caught. One of the suspects was reported hiding on top of a mango tree when he was apprehended.

See a statement from a Police source below.

“The CP received the distress call and raced to the scene in less than an hour. He was on patrol when he got the message. Everywhere was dark and so, the CP brought out a very bright and big torch from his car.

“As we were going there, he called both the Area Commander and the DPO (Divisional Police Officer) in charge of the area to join him.

“He practically smoked the suspects out from their hiding places. Those suspects would have escaped if the CP had not taken the urgent steps he took.

“He insisted that everywhere in the estate be searched despite everyone else itching to go home. He insisted that the police must get a lead that would help both investigation and quick arrest of the suspects if they had fled.

“With his insistence, all other officers had no choice but to obey. It was while the search was going on that he flashed his torch up and then saw one of them hiding atop a mango tree. He was promptly arrested.” 

The police are yet to parade them before the press and the public because the Police IG, Mohammed Adamu is interested in personally interrogating them.

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