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New crypto company, Fair Token Project seeks to end bot in crypto trading

by Jibson
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A new crypto company named Fair Token Project has been launched, which ultimate aim is to end bot in crypto trading.

Bots frontrun people’s investment and kill crypto projects even before they get a chance to perform. Recent meme coins have been plagued by bots, hence the need for an anti-bot function in the crypto industry.

“The FairTokenProjekt wants to level the playing field for traders and send these foul players packing,” the Medium article announcing the project read.

There are two tokens in the FairTokenProjekt: The Projekt Green and Projekt Gold.

The Projekt Green has been launched and has a market capitalization of $100,000.

Other information about the Projekt Green:

100% Liquidity Lock
0% Token Burn
3% transaction Tax

It currently has 92 holders and it’s a utility that’s still under the radar. The adoption of FTP anti-bot function would require the creators that want to use it to hold 5 billion $GREEN tokens forever, helping earlier investors in Projekt Green to see increase in their ROI.

The Projekt Gold is still yet to be launched.

For more information visit:

Website: https://fairtokenproject.com/

Twitter: @token_project

Medium: http://medium.com/@fairtokenproject/about

📩Telegram: t.me/fairtokenproject

Investing in crypto is risky due to extreme volatility and investors can lose all their money. So, do not invest what you cannot afford to lose.

Disclaimer: The writer of this article does not hold any $GREEN token at the time of publication

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