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EU Condemns Buhari’s Shoot-At-Sight Order In South-East, South-South

by Nwani Chisom
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The Eastern Union (EU), a socio-political pressure group of the people of the old Eastern Region has condemned the recent shoot-at-sight order by President Muhammadu Buhari to the military and police in the South East and South-South geo-political zones.

The EU, in a statement Released from its Abuja headquarters on Saturday, maintained that the president had been unfair to the Igbo region.

the statement read;

“For about 15 years now, the terror activities of the Fulanis in the different parts of the North and now down to the South, under different names had been condoned by the administration.

“In the North East they are known as Boko Haram. In the North West, they are called bandits. In the North Central and South West they answer Fulani herdsmen.

“Now in the East (South East and South South, they are called ‘unknown gunmen. However, the truth is that no matter whatever name they chose at different location, it is the same people.

“They continue to split as they grow in their terror activities and as they split, they choose different names to disguise as different groups of people.”

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