Home Politics “I got expelled from university at 300 level” – Adamu Garba

“I got expelled from university at 300 level” – Adamu Garba

by Nwani Chisom
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Oyogist.com, has learnt that former presidential aspirant, Adamu Garba has disclosed that he was expelled from Kano State University of Technology, for supporting equal political participation rights of students in the students’ union elections.

According to Garba, he was reportedly suspended from the school as authorities falsely accused him of fomenting trouble in order to get at him for not supporting the emergence of their own candidate.

Garba said during the interview:

“It was a state university and I was a very popular guy but the school authority did not want anybody to be the President of the students’ union if you are not from Kano state.

“I was from Adamawa state and I became the popular candidate. I was contesting under the umbrella of those who believe that everyone should be allowed to participate regardless of your origin including the Christians.

“So, that does not speak well with some of the extremist elements. At the same time also, there was this serious sharia thing in Kano. Although they knew if I had gone into the election I would have won landslide, but they decided to disqualify me and I accepted the disqualification and moved on.

“That was why without committing anything, some problems took place and I was not even in the school compound when the problem happened. “So, they now told me that the people that caused the problem were my people and therefore I have to be suspended. While I was suspended,

“I was invited back for fair hearing so that they can hear my own side of the story even as they asked me to indict other students so that they can let me stay and take necessary actions on those students.” He said.

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