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Lady who accused bolt driver of assault is exposed after driver shares own side of the story

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According to report reaching oyogist.com, the lady who accused a bolt driver of assault has been exposed after the driver shared his own side of the story.

The lady earlier took to Twitter to explain her experience with the bolt driver.

As at the time of this report, the lady has locked her Twitter account after the bolt driver narrated his side of the story.

This had caused a stir online until the bolt driver via his twitter account @TAJUDEENOLAJID3 narrated his own side of the story.

He tweeted: “Hello miss Bolade +234 705 557 2061,my name is Olajide the @Boltapp_ng driver that is on this video .This is just a misunderstanding taken too far but since it has gotten here no problem ..Nigerians and other Nationals who have the opportunities of reading this will decide.”

“I have bn working on this platform for 3good years now …no one has ever reported me to @Boltapp_ng .but Today that jinx got broken. This platform (Twitter) is a court of public opinion where the platform (@Boltapp_ng ) am working under is been dragged for a bad thing”

“Bolade +234 705 557 2061
Immediately you enter my car and the trip was about to start. I asked you that do you have any best routes you normally follow .but you responded Angrily that I should follow my map. The way you responded to me ,I already knew am in trouble today..”

“I was already praying for the trip to end well but here we are …my dear sister Bolade +234 705 557 2061…am not here to drag your personality but to have a issue based response to you lies against me and the platform I am working for …the Map told me to follow”

“From Adeniran Ogunsanya through Bode Thomas to Eric Moore down to constain roundabout then to Apapa road which was 18min journey… but your own map says a different thing …that I should follow through different routes which about 24min journey… Tho I asked you”

“Politely that my own is faster than your own but you shouted at me that I should go and dropped you where I picked you up Adeniran ogunsanya in which I obliged as The Boss madam …….at this point I was already in from of club38 then I turned back to where you instructed me”

“To go and drop you…on getting to Bode Thomas Traffic light .I signal my pointer to Adeniran Ogunsanya then you asked that ..
Where am I going
Then I responded that am dropping you where asked me to..
While all these conversation was on going the traffic light was still on red”

“And the @followlastma officials were everywhere ,the police were all there,,the CBD officials were not left out and above all the Lagos state task force were there as well with there towing vehicles. So theres no way I could have allowed you to come out of the vehicle like that”

“When the traffic light turned green I drove in to Adeniran Ogunsanya… Then u said I should not drop you there oooo…then I parked and you refused to drop and everyone in Lagos of today knows very well that if you park anyhow….you will have yourself to blame in fact”

“Just last week my vehicle was towed and I was charged for obstruction and I paid sum of fifty thousand naira #50000 to the account of Lagos state.. “

“Then I turned to Bode Thomas
I parked very well right in front of Gtbank but u insisted on dropping you off at your initials destination (Ebute mate) and I said,,you asked me to end the trip in which I did immediately

So on whose account ? But u said nothing…then I proceeded”

“Moving around maybe I will get another rider maybe when u see someone else entering the car you will get out of the car..but unfortunately I didn’t get any ride. Then I saw that there was surge in Mariana where I can make more money but before going to marina
I parked for the”

“Third time but you refused as well to come down …… …..Lagos of today is not Lagos of last year where u can park anyhow if it not approved parking space …

“Bolade +234 705 557 2061

You are just been economical with the Truth….

I heard you saying I wanted to harass you but the video you pasted shows nothing but the Truth

I didn’t even altered a word
Just to avoid the story that touch

But we are here now”

“Explaining ourselves, I knew you are out there for clout …In which I should have sensed it but nothing spoil ….since you have the videos

Bolade +234 705 557 2061

I challenge you …if you found any foul play or I am bn manipulative here”

“Take it further Bolade.”

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