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US Election: Supreme Court Orders Pennsylvania Democrats To Respond To The Alleged Voting Fraud (Details)

by Amadu Victor
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The US election has been a very dramatic one recently and surprisingly, it has turned out to be tougher than most people expected it to be. Recently the democratic candidates Joseph Biden leads in the electoral votes, oyogist.com reports.

From the above picture of the current electoral votes, you would see that Joseph Biden has almost won the election since he needs 6 More electoral votes to reach the 270 electoral votes mark to be declared the winner.

However all is not well for the President as he isn’t happy with the way things are going against him and he launched a Lawsuit to challenge the results announced in Pennsylvania and lately, the Supreme court has ordered the Pennslyvania Democrats to show up at the court to respond to the allegations of voting frauds labeled against them by the President.


According to the information garnered by OYOGist.com, the Supreme court has now ordered the Pennslyvania Democrats to to respond by Thursday evening in response to the Voting fraud allegations during the Counting of votes from the Mail-in-ballots.

In the lawsuit filed against the Democrats, the Pennslyvania Republican party argued that the Pennslyvania Democrats violated the law by increasing the time for counting Mail-in-ballots votes to the 6 of November by 5pm despite the agreement to suspend voting after the election day. The initial agreement was that counting of mail in ballots votes should not exceed the 3rd of November which was the Election day but the agreement got violated and vote count continued for days after the 3rd of November.

The US election is getting more interesting and with this lawsuit filed against Pennsylvania, the Presidential Election might become inconclusive.

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