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Tanzanian Opposition Leader Rejects Election Results

by Nwani Chisom
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Tanzania opposition presidential candidate, Mr Lissu has revealed in a statement that he won’t accept the result of yesterday’s election because of voting irregularities.

“This was not an election by both Tanzanian and international laws. It was just a gang of people who have just decided to misuse state machinery to cling to power,” Mr Lissu, the candidate for the Chadema party, said.

He alleged that many of his party’s agents were prevented from entering polling stations for several hours, when rigging took place.

Oyogist.com learnt that Mr Lissu further taxed the international community to denounce the poll and sanction those he accused of bungling the electoral process.

“Whatever happened yesterday was not an election,” Tundu Lissu told journalists in the main city Dar es Salaam.

The Tanzanian electoral commission while responding to criticisms said on Wednesday that the accusations were not true as the elections were free and fair.

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