Home Politics “Feeling superior to citizens will lead to leadership failure,” – Pastor Sam Adeyemi

“Feeling superior to citizens will lead to leadership failure,” – Pastor Sam Adeyemi

by Mustapha Olamide
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In the ongoing ENDSARS protest going on in Nigeria, Pastor Same Adesanya has also engaged in the protest by telling the government that felling too superior to citizens will lead to leadership failure.

This was posted on the pastor’s official twitter handle @sam_adeyemi. It was reported that he started by saying;

“Our dear President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, members of the Federal Executive Council, members of the National Assembly, our Governors, and all parents. We have an unusual opportunity with the #ENDSARS protests. #SARSMUSTEND

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“Many of us in government were protesting on the streets 26/27 years ago after the annulment of a free and fair election. Some had to escape out of Nigeria. Our heroic acts birthed this democratic dispensation to a large extent. The young ones are only continuing the journey.”

“It is therefore totally deplorable that we would lead a government under which the police would spray water, throw teargas and shoot at peaceful protesters. Please order them to STOP THE ATTACK ON CITIZENS PROSTESTING PEACEFULLY IMMEDIATELY. They should rather protect them.”

“For the avoidance of doubt, the old templates for shutting down dissent will not work anymore. Most of this young generation did not grow up under colonial or military rule. They have tools and mindsets we did not have. They will solve problems differently.”

“Only true leadership that serves the people will work now. Feeling superior to citizens will lead to leadership failure. Same with refusing to change our institutions beginning with the police force. Let us side with and guide the youth to build a developed Nigeria.”

“The Nigeria Police is a mini Nigeria. Most of the allocation of funds doesn’t trickle down. Officers earn wages that are not livable and are compelled to extort money from citizens. We must change the way police officers and most Nigerians earn money and meet basic needs.”

“Mr. President, please listen directly to these young citizens. Yara n ka suke. Feel their pain and frustration. Make firm decisions and act. Then speak to the young ones from your heart as a father. God will help you. SARSMUSTEND”

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