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Video: Trump Nominates Judge Amy Coney Barrett to Supreme Court

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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President Trump has on Saturday, 26th of September (US time) nominated Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, OYOGist.com reports.


Who is Judge Amy Coney Barrett?

A devout Christian and conservative, Amy Coney Barrett is an academic and a United States Circuit Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit.

Amy Coney Barrett is 48, and the mother of 7, who is Trump’s pick for the nomination to the United States Supreme Court.

With the 2020 elections now upon us, Trump is banking on his nomination to win the once liberal democratic-led Courts to the conservative side by nominating a religious candidate.

The late Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a vocal liberal voice and staunch democratic supporter during her time. Observers have noted that Amy Coney Barrett would be the same, only for the conservative and republicans this time around. And that is what Trump is banking on.

Judge Amy Coney Barrett has a record with her position on gun control, imigration policy, abortion and gay rights as well as a well-known religious position.

This has so far earned her supporters on the right side, as well as many religious groups, however she has earned as much critics from the liberal left as well.

Amy Coney Barrett resides in South Bend, Indiana, where she lives with her husband, Jesse, a former federal prosecutor that now works at a private firm.

Amy Barrett studied at the University of Notre Dame’s Law School, and graduated first in her class, and subsequently served as a clerk to Justice Antonin Scalia.

What does this mean for Trump?

Trump gets a stronger government on his side and can easily crack the nut on issues like the affordable care act (the Obama-era insurance policy) that he has spent a good time of his presidency fighting and also gets an easy pass on important issues such as immigration.

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