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Thiago Silva apologies after his error against West Brom

by Jibson
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The veteran center back, whose first Premier League start didn’t quite go the way he or we would’ve expected, went on Instagram this morning to acknowledge his error, thank his teammates, and reaffirm his commitment to the Chelsea cause.

“There are days when unfortunately hard work doesn’t pay off the way we expected. I am upset, but I take responsibility for the mistake I made, as I always did. As difficult as it may be, we have to get over this and move on.

“I want to thank my teammates and the entire staff for their continuous support since I joined Chelsea FC. I am really grateful of that support .

“I promise to all of you that I will give everything I have on the pitch, putting all my energy and commitment into the games to come.”

Perfunctory and obvious, just like most such Instagram posts are, but also necessary. These are the days of our modern sporting lives.

Everyone makes mistakes. We will move on from this pretty quickly. Thiago Silva will be fine and probably a very good defender and fine leader for this club for this season, at least.

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