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Google Stops Paid Chrome Extensions

by Nwani Chisom
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Google Stops Paid Chrome Extensions

Google has discontinued its paid Chrome extensions. This means that Developers looking to monetise their extensions can no longer do so via Chrome Web Store payments.

The idea of suspending paid extensions was introduced in march, but it wasn’t revealed that Google would be making this change permanent. The tech giant has shared a timeline on the phasing out of paid Chrome extensions forever and also Free trials will be disabled later this year.

Google announced that developers using Chrome Web Store payments to charge for their extensions or in-app purchases will need to migrate to other payments platform in the near future. It said that when the Chrome Web Store was launched in 2010, it wanted to provide a way for developers to monetise their Web Store items.

Now, it said, developers had access to various other payment-handling options they could use. Also it was revealed that Developers will no longer be able to create new paid extensions or in-app items. starting from December 1 this year, free trials will also be disabled. Users will no longer be able to view the ‘Try Now’ button in Chrome Web Store and requests for in-app free trials will result in an error. Google said that from February 1, 2021 onwards, existing items and in-app purchases will no longer be able to charge money with Chrome Web Store payments.

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