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APC party leaders have commended Gov. Fayemi and Chief Alao Akala for ending the animosity in APC

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Party leaders across the 33 Local Government areas of Oyo state have commended the duo of Ekiti state Governor Dr. Kayode Fayemi and former Gov. Adebayo Alao-Akala for the unique achievement of finally bringing to an end the animosity that has hitherto bedvilled the All Progressive Congress APC in Oyo state.

The leaders while expressing their joy at the outcome of the expaned reconciliation meeting held at the Ibadan residence of Ekiti state Governor Dr. Fayemi on Sunday, said the roles played by the two leaders who co-chaired the meeting and all others in bringing the crisis to an end is commendable and worthy of emulation by other states who may find themselves in this kind of situation in the future.

According to Alhaji Kayode Adanla, the final resolutions of the crises was a welcome development and all-embracing.

“We will make sure we live as one big family henceforth, no more bikering or in fighting amongst us again” he assured.

According to the APC chieftain, “All groups, camps, factions have been disbanded and what we have now is one big APC family”

“The meeting unanimously decided and it was agreed by all that were present at the meeting that be it Senaco, Lamist, Unity forum, Destiny group, Reformers, Aspirants forum, Way forward or what have you should cease to exist and all structures should collapse into APC.”

“Everybody should go back to their respective local government and champion the course of the party. This we see as a welcome development and a right step in the right direction”.

“With Otunba Adebayo Alao-Akala as Chairman of the Elders Advisory council, bringing to bear his vast experience in the politics of Oyo state, we are good to go. His leadership is incontrovertible bearing in mind that statutorily he is an automatic member of the elders advisory council and being the only former Governor in the party and in the advisory council, the leadership falls on his shoulders to lead the Oyo state All Progressives Congress to victory at the polls in 2023” he stressed.

Others including Chief Lowo Obisesan, Dr  Fola Akinosun and Hon. Shina Peller, in their various submissions commended the unique manner in which the membership of the elders Committee was constituted and gave kudos to Sen. Soji Akanbi and Senator Teslim Folarin who headed the selection committee of both the Oyo south and Oyo central senatorial district and came up with names of seasoned grassroot politicians from the zones to be included in the 10-man elders advisory committee and was ratified by the whole house after the names were announced by the co-chairmen.

“This type of internal democracy and an all inclusive leadership is what we have been clamouring for and we thank the duo of Gov.’s Fayemi and Alao-Akala for towing the path of honour and democratic leadership tendencies” Hon. Peller said.

“We were given the opportunity and free hand to chose who we wanted to represent us in the elders advisory council, nobody imposed any member on us” he further noted.

Barr. Obisesan confirmed that Oyo APC Advisory Council was a collective and collegiate decision that was took openly and without fear of intimidation or harrasment from any quarters. “We also ensured that none of the members of the advisory council has any political ambition to forestall any untoward vested political interest jeopardizing the functionality of the council” he stressed.

According to Dr. Akinosun, “we had Sen. Soji Akanbi and others leaders from Oyo south senatorial district came up with the names of Prof. Taoheed Adedoja, Chief Jolaoso and Dr. Isiaka Kolawole while that of Sen. Teslim Folarin of Oyo central and  other leaders of the zone present at the meeting came up with the names of Chief (Mrs.) Yinka Adebayo, Senator Ayoade Adeseun, Engr Idris Adeoye”.

“Oyo North members had Chief Iyiola Oladokun, Otunba Moses Alake-Adeyemo and Chief Akin Oke who statutorily by virtue of the office they have held or position they presently occupy are members of the council, looking at the above, there is no gainsaying that Oyo state APC has towed the path of peace and progress and will never go back to the dark days” he concluded.

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