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BBNaija: Housemates tired of Lucy after another altercation with Erica.

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Following their altercation, Erica approached Lucy after the fun games they had just had to resolve their differences and for reasons unknown, the matter intensified and voices were raised in the room.

Prince tried explaining it to her that disrespecting the Head of House and Deputy by refusing to follow instructions during the Amatem Task grouping, meant she disrespected Biggie and the House rules book says so. Erica said that it was insensitive of Lucy to say she didn’t want to be in Kiddwaya’s group and although he’s not the type to confront people, he must have felt some type of way with that statement. The Housemates agreed to this.

In a bid to defend herself, Lucy said she felt as if the House always had something to say whenever it involved an opinion coming from her. She explained that she was trying to avoid a future explosion which was why she declined being in the same group as Kiddwaya, since Kiddwaya said it last week that he didn’t want to be in her group.

Dorathy reiterated saying she should learn how to separate her feelings from Tasks and other events in the House. Then Lucy felt attacked that her two friends were coming at her in public and made a statement saying she didn’t think they were her friends. This provoked Prince the more and he shouted saying, “I always make an effort to cheer you up when you’re in your sulking mood; even when others ignore you, I look out for you and talk to you”.

It was at this point, Dorathy who seemed tired of the back and forth issue replied Lucy. “I just feel you’re doing this intentionally now, I’m done abeg,” she said. Lucy seemed uoset about the whole argument and stormed out of the room, which left the other Housemates who were present analyzing the whole issue. Na who go judge the matter now?

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