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BBNaija: Prince and Tolanibaj end their relationship.

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After different instances of courting and failed triangles, Prince became partnered up with Tolanibaj. Their ‘ship had been sailing along smoothly, but today after the Kuda Bank Task, it hit some rough waters and abruptly sank.

Tolanibaj was wrapped in a blanket lying on Prince’s lap as they sat in the lounge having what at first seemed like a lacklustre conversation, but it ended up taking a surprising turn.

Prince remarked that he was feeling sleepy, to which Tolanibaj replied: “ When you were supposed to be sleeping, where were you sleeping?” Prince tried to stifle his displeasure as he replied: “Nothing I do is ever good enough for you, and you already said that I don’t make you happy.”

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This is where things took a turn for the worse as Tolanibaj sat up a little as if tensing for an argument, to counter the statement put before her with the question ”So we don’t make each happy?” Prince tried to save himself for the approaching onslaught by saying “ I didn’t say you don’t make me happy.”

By then it was too late and Tolani had found her point was ready to run with. She doubled down on her point by reiterating “I know I don’t make you happy… You have never complained and I know I’m not perfect.”

Prince smelling the trouble he was in tried to backtrack and told her “Never assume anything until I say so… If I don’t like you I will tell you I don’t like you.” From this moment Tolanibaj knew she had Prince on the hook and all she had to do was let him catch himself out.

Prince continued trying to reaffirm his position by stating “I didn’t The game of love is known for being a gamble and today in the Big Brother House two people playing it decided to call it quits. The pair was Toanibaj and Prince and this evening their ship stopped sailing. 

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