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Nobody Can Afford Lionel Messi’s Salary – Real Madrid President

by Amadu Victor
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The Argentine striker Lionel Messi has been Real-Madrid no one rivals for over 10 years, yet his club statement to Barcelona that he wants to departs from Camp Nou has generated different types of opinion at the club, oyogist.com reports.

On the other side of the opinion, some sets believe Lionel Messi leaving their team will makes them put more efforts on reconstructing the team with some flexibility in terms of money matters, meanwhile on other thought, the club might suffer and might not recover for some years.

However, Real Madrid’s President do not believe that Messi’s departure from the Camp Nou is certained, as they consider any transfer to be “an impossible deal”.


At the same time, the question whether any team can take over Lionel Messi wages demands without exceeding the salary limit set by UEFA.

They maintain that teams are looking to reduce their wage bill as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic and that Messi joining the likes of Manchester City or Paris Saint-Germain would not go down well with UEFA.

For us at Los Blanco Nobody has the thought about signing LionelMessi, years ago, yes, as possible situations were proposed, but the goal this summer is simply to make sales.

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