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Man United Defender Sentenced to Prison in Greece

by Amadu Victor
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OYOGist.com has learned that the captain of the Man United, Harry Maguire has been sentenced to suspended prison terms of 21-Months & 10-days for the crime of aggression and insults in the tribubal of the Greek island of Syros, they unveiled the authorities.

Maguire have expressed that he will appeal his conviction after being tried in flagrante delicto during a fight at a Mykonos nightclub.

Although he was not present at the process, the defense attorney was found guilty of all his charges such as: “assault against representatives of the State”, “bodily injury”, “verbal insults” and attempted corruption”.


Recalled that Maguire was arrested last Thursday night with his brother and a friend after starring in the fight at a night bar, where the Man United player attacked Greek policemen. He then spent two nights in detention before being released.

“After the report, I have told my lawyers to immediately inform the court that I am going to file an appeal,” Maguire said.

Despite his situation, minutes before the sentence was announced, England coach Gareth Southgate summoned Harry for the duties against Iceland and Denmark in September at the start of the Nations League, But was later withdrawn amid the case.

“I am confident in our innocence in this case. My family, my friends and I are the victims in this case,” Maguire said.

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