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Chairman of the Republic of Ireland’s national tourism authority Resigns

by Mustapha Olamide
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The administrator of the Republic of Ireland’s national the travel industry authority has surrendered after it developed he made a trip to Italy on vacation.  

Fáilte Ireland’s Michael Cawley went in spite of Irish government exhortation to keep away from unimportant travel abroad.     

The travel industry Minister Catherine Martin said on Saturday evening that she had acknowledged Mr Cawley’s acquiescence. She said she was “baffled to discover that the seat of Fáilte Ireland was holidaying in Italy”.  

“While Italy is on the green rundown, implying that individuals who come back from that point don’t need to limit their developments, the legislature has approached individuals to maintain a strategic distance from all unimportant travel.  

“A considerable lot of our residents and occupants have followed this direction at some close to home and money related expense to themselves.  

“I rang Mr Cawley toward the beginning of today and he has offered his abdication which I have acknowledged. I wish to express gratitude toward Mr Cawley for his administration as seat of Fáilte Ireland.”      Ms Martin included that the Irish the travel industry had endured genuine misfortunes because of the pandemic.  

“As an indication of solidarity with the business, and to enable the nation to resume its schools securely, the legislature and my area of expertise, specifically, have urged individuals to occasion in Ireland this year.  

“Most by far of Irish individuals have paid attention to that call, and are assisting with keeping our travel industry above water.”   On Friday, 67 new Covid cases were recorded in the Republic of Ireland. There were no new passings identified with the infection.  

Extra limitations stay set up in three regions – Kildare, Laois and Offaly.

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