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Bayern Leverkusen CEO confirms Kai Havertz wants to leave.

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For the first time since the rumours of an exit began, Bayern Leverkusen have officially admitted there is a good chance Kai Havertz will leave the club this summer.

It’s their CEO, Fernando Carro, who spoke to the media following their 2-1 elimination from the Europa League at the hands of Inter, and while he didn’t specifically mention Chelsea, the media did that for him.

Relaying the quotes from the Spaniard, Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger (KSTA) added the Blues ‘are the most promising candidate’ to secure the German midfielder’s services this summer, but they aren’t the only ones interested.

Carro said: “It was always clear that there would be talks as soon as the Europa League ended for us. Kai has expressed a wish to take the next step. Whether this will work in the near future or not, I can’t say at the moment.”

He also added ‘there are several clubs who want to include Kai Havertz in their future plans’.

Either way, regardless of who manages to secure the player’s services, they will have to pay a hefty fee, as KSTA pointed out Bayer are demanding ‘at least €100m’ for the 21-year-old.

Their ideal scenario would be to have ‘clarity’ on Havertz’s situation by the time the club resumes training ahead of the new season, and have, ‘in the best case, a replacement’ at their disposal.

It’s now up to Chelsea to make the first move, because, as things stand, ‘a written offer has not yet been received’.

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