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Premier League Introduces New VAR Rule and 4 Other Rules For Next Season

by Amadu Victor
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The English Premier League has established a new VAR rule and four other rules of officiating in the Premier League for the next campaign, oyogist.com reports.

The VAR was subject to many complaints this campaign after a lot of calls didn’t go down well with Coaches, analysts, critics, and even Supporters.

The Premiership chaired its Annual General Meeting [AGM] on Thursday ahead of the start of the 2020/21 campaign which begins on September 12, and among the things to be reviewed, is the issue of VAR and other sensitive issues.

As per VAR conclusions, a Referee Review Area has been inducted, which will see an increased use of the sector, which will be used for biased decisions, such as for goals, red cards, and penalties.


For penalty kicks and goalkeeper action, if a goalkeeper steps out of his line during a penalty shot, the Penalty kicks will be retaken – unless it was saved without the interference of the goalkeeper.

Player encroachment during penalty kicks will not be allowed into the penalty box, and if it occurs, the Spot-kick will have to be retaken. Also, the new rules will not authorize a goalkeeper to save a penalty with his foot over the goal-line. Should that situation happen, VAR will notify the penalty kick to be retaken.

As per marginal offside rulings, there will be no changes to the offside rule although the assistant referees will now keep their flag down for any goalscoring opportunities until the section of the play is finalized.

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