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‘Jerusalem doesn’t belong to Islam’ – Imam of Peace

by Amadu Victor
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OYOGist.com has learned that popular Islamic cleric based in Australia, Mohammed Tawhidi aka ‘Imam of peace’ has maintained that the Jews are the rightful owners of Jerusalem and the Muslims claims on it are unsubstantial and false.

Israel and Palestine have claimed Jerusalem as their capital city before United States President, Donald Trump, finally moved the US embassy to the city on May 14, 2018 thus recognizing the contested city as Israel’s capital.

The ancient city, Jerusalem, is the first Qibla, where early Muslim faithfuls faces during prayer before it was changed to Mecca. The Al-Aqsa mosque which is considered to be the third holiest site in Islam is located there.


Imam of peace affirmed that the reason Muslims are desperate to lay hold of the holy land was because they are obsessed with Moses and Solomon and have a strong belief that they would be supportive of this act which is against the wish of God.

He wrote: “Dear Moses and Solomon, we love you so much that we stole your land, ruined your temples, rewrote your history and drove your Jewish nation out of their homes. We have a false claim over your holiest city, Jerusalem, and we are certain you would side with us against God’s wish.”

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