Home Politics “Oshiomole Is A Skillful Fighter And A Tough Cookie” – Fani Kayode

“Oshiomole Is A Skillful Fighter And A Tough Cookie” – Fani Kayode

by Amadu Victor
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It’s been reported that the Governor Of Edo state Godwin Obaseki has been disqualified from contesting in the primaries of APC for the upcoming 2020 Governorship Election.

A screening panel was put in place by the APC to screen aspirants from the party,And because of some circumstances which is related to his past education they couldn’t agree with,they disqualified him.

Meanwhile,Fani Kayode has reacted to the news of the disqualification,check his post below.


He wrote

“One of the most important virtues in life is loyalty,Never bite the finger that fed you .Obaseki has learnt this lesson the hard way .I have known Oshiomole for years .He is a skillful fighter and a tough cookie ,Obaseki could never have outsmarted him”

He explained that Oshiomole was a tough person and a person who doesn’t like to be defeated, he also added that he was very sure Obaseki could have never outsmarted him.

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