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Barack Obama reacts to George Floyd’s protests; calls for vote to effect change

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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Former US President, Barack Obama, has reacted to the murder of unarmed black man George Floyd, by a white cop, Derek Chauvin, who has since been sacked and arrested, OYOGist.com has gathered.

Barack Obama is concerned about how to bring about real change, following the nationwide protests that have followed the murder of George Floyd. He said lots of people have reached out to him to give answers on how sustainable change can be achieved.

The former American President recognized that the protests across the nation represents the “genuine and legitimate frustration over a decades-long failure to reform police practices” in the United States.

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He, however, warned that the few people taking cover under the protests to cause destruction are putting already limited services and businesses in neighborhoods that are already short on investments.

He called for Americans to put in a president and congress and Justice Department members that recognize the harm that racism in America is causing.

However, he reminded the people that most of the laws and changes needed to reform the police have to be done in the state and local levels.

The former president reiterated that only by voting in leaders that are concerned about these issues would there be real change.

Read his statement below:


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