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Lockdown: Unrest in Ogun as residents report multiple robberies

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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The residents of Ogun State are living in panic following the lockdown in the state that has given rise to several cases of robberies, OYOGist.com reports.

The panicked residents took to social media to cry out on a series of terrorizing activities that have now become the norm since the lockdown has been imposed.


A user posted on Twitter that four people have been killed in a robbery-related incident in their area since the lockdown began.


Many youths in Nigeria rely on daily wage to sustain themselves since unemployment in the country is high. With the lockdown in place, that has also been taken away. However, waking up to robberies and theft is what many are facing.

The robberies are often associated to street urchins, park boys and thugs that have had their source of living disrupted since the lockdown started.

“Majority of the robberies are those boys that carry luggage at the Park and their anger is that the government asked them to stay at home without giving them food or money,” Danny Walter tweeted.


Another user is now scared for his loved one after his girlfriend sent him a distress message telling him that her house is currently being raided. She has been unreachable since then.

robbery attacks rock Ogun State after lockdown

To offer safety from the thieves, youths in the communities are protecting their loved ones and their properties by becoming vigilantes.


See more posts from residents of Ogun State as they report in panic over robbery attacks in the state.


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