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Girls learn faster than boys and should rule the world – Twitter feminist

by Ayodeji Onibalusi

Ozzy Etomi, a self-professed feminist has drawn heated debate on Twitter after sharing her views on who learns faster among the two sexes and thus should rule the world.

On Twitter, she posted the following:

“On average, it takes a week to potty train girl toddlers, and 6 months for boy toddlers. Its interesting hor girls grow up/ mature/ develop intelligence so much fast than boys and despite being the clearly more superior species, we end up w/ so much less $ overall.

“I mean we know why, but it sucks. Women should rule the world”

Ozzy Etomi shared on her Twitter handle – @ozzyetomi

Her tweet has since generated over 1,200 likes and more than 470 retweets, but the majority of the people that saw it have dragged her for starting a “gender war” on Twitter.

“If you have to take 6 months to potty train a male child, I can assure you his gender is not the problem,” one user replied.


In contrast to Etomi’s deposition, another user, a woman named Mrs B. with handle @shirleeanee, said her 2-year-old son took less than a week to get potty trained. She further said she knows a lot of women who make more money than men.

Mrs B. (@shirleeanee) commented “Stumbled on this thread so… My son took less than a week to get potty trained, he was under 3. We have equal dignity and I know a lot of women who make more money than men. let’s not feed hate but fight for true equality.”


One user Onyii (@onyiiix), who has now generated a lot of disapproving comments for shaming her son in a bid to win a gender battle, decided to use the story of her bedwetting 7-year-old boy to defend Ozzy’s initial statement.

Onyii, in response to Ozzy and to corroborate her claim said, “I can so relate. My first is a girl, picked up so fast, academically and otherwise. My son is quite different, still bedwetting at almost 7Y whilst she stopped at 4.”

Onyiix has since turned her Twitter privacy mode (protected tweets) on.

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