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“All expensive schools owned by churches are satanic — Evangelist Akande claims

by Nwani Chisom
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A popular Nigerian evangelist, identified S Gideon Akande has stated that all expensive church schools in the country, are simply ungodly and “satanic”.

According to him, schools created before now were easy to access for kids of rich and poor people; so he sees no reason why modern day churches are overseeing schools that are so expensive to the poor masses.

Gideon Akande took to his official Facebook page to lash out at expensive church-owned schools in the country, while reiterating it’s satanic.

In his words;

‘ALL EXPENSIVE CHURCH SCHOOLS ARE SATANIC! All the churches who are building and running schools more expensive than Federal Government’s school in their countries are not doing the work of God, they are derailed, they are doing business, they are unbiblical and they are involving in evil and satanic separations.So the school that belong to the church, can only admit member “A” who has money to pay for his children but the same church’s school cannot admit member “B” not because his children cannot pass the entrance exam but because he has no money.

“So only rich members can send their children to their church’s school? This is not Biblical, it is satanic. What is the main purpose of the church of God building academic schools? If the purpose is to create a godly and biblical environment for the students, then it means only the rich members will have their children in godly environment.

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