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I’m not ashamed to be breadwinner of my family – Actress Nkechi Blessing

by Meso Ejiofor
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Nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing Falegan, has stated that she is the breadwinner of her family and that she isn’t ashamed of it, Oyogist.com reports.

She stated this on Saturday via her Instagram page, as she continues mourning her mother exactly one month after the latter passed away.

The actress had lost her mother a few days before the latter’s birthday and the burial was conducted last week.

After the burial, the Nollywood star had travelled to the United Kingdom to reunite with her husband, David Falegan.

In her recent post, Nkechi wrote about her grief and promised to keep on fending for the family.

She also thanked her Mother for all the real life lessons she taught her and also asked her to keep protecting her.

She wrote,

“Exactly one month today, I lost my best friend. 23_09_2021 is a day I will never forget in a flash. Mummy you were my backbone.

“I remember you called me on the 19th and said a short prayer that touched my soul. Did you know you would leave 23rd? Only God knows but I promise to keep up your legacy.

“Mummy, a lot of people had nice things to say about you. I am proud to be your child Afianma. Yes you are gone but never forgotten.

“You taught me how to hustle like a man, hence the reason a lot of people doubt my age, becauseI look older due to hustle and bustle.“I took all the insults on the gram just so you don’t lack anything. I was useless for weeks when you passed. But you said to me ‘Nkechi, stand up. Don’t let my family name go down like that.’ I have a large family to take care of.

“Yes, I am the bread winner of my family, a title I am not ashamed nor afraid to carry. Because for years, I have carried it diligently and made sure both my extended family lacks nothing.

“Not like I have it all together but God somehow manages to bless me to be a blessing to everyone around me.

“Funny how the UK visa I applied for months back came out just a day after you passed; meaning you want this man for me.

“You said it yourself, ‘Nkechi, no leave this man, na better person. No matter wetin him do, stay with am’

“Mummy thank you for the real life lessons. I will never be the opposite of who you brought to this wicked world. I LOVE YOU till we meet to part no more

“Please, my last request: don’t let these people get me. Abiamo okun ma sun. The God of orphans, please, don’t forsake me.”

View her post on Instagram below;


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