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Fisherman lost at sea for 438 days recounts experience

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A Mexican fisherman who set sail on a fishing trip with his friend has his recounted experience after getting lost at 438 days before, OYOGist.com reports.

The fisherman, José Salvador Alvarenga, went on the fishing trip with his friend Ezequiel Córdoba whom he had never worked with. The trip was meant to last only 30 hours with hopes of catching sharks, sailfish and Marlins.

The duo was hit by a storm shortly after setting sail, the storm which lasted 5 days created major damage to the portable GPS they were carrying and the motor function of the boat was spoilt.

They continued at sea for months surviving on rain water and what they could catch with the bare hands which includes sea birds and fishes.

Months after striving to survive, Córdoba, died under harsh sea conditions. Alvarenga then knew he was truly alone and he had no hope of ever being found.

Fourteen months after been at sea, moved far from home by the waves, Alvarenga tried and swam to land, Marshall Islands, where he found a couple who saved him and after careful evaluation by a medical team was he allowed to return to El Salvador.

Video Credit: @The Telegraph

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