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Femco is accused of withdrawing $51k from #EndSARS BTC donations

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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Some Twitter influencers have accused the Feminist Coalition (FemCo) of withdrawing $51,000 USD from the #EndSARS donations Bitcoin Wallet account, OYOGist.com has gathered.

The said funds were raised to support protesters who required medical and or legal attention during the protests.


Twitter influencer, Kelvin Odenz tweeted that the alleged withdrawal was ‘silently’ made this month.

To further defend the claim, Adeola shared a video detailing how the same BTC wallet received the donations that eventually totaled $83,000 dollars and how the excess of $51,000 was later withrawn this month. Watch the video below.


However, the accusation has drawn sharp criticisms from supporters of the Feminist Coalition. Many have called the accusations unfounded. Twitter user, Raychel said Feminist Co has a tech pro on board, and would not make such a withdrawal “at once”.


Another user, Jamal says demanding accountability in a way that “confers guilt is condemnable”

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