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REVEAL: See the figures behind Oprah’s Interview with Prince Harry and Meghan

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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Curious to know the numbers behind the massively-successful interview by Oprah Winfrey with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle? OYOGist.com got you covered.

Yesterday, Sunday 7th of March, 2021, seasoned celebrity reporter and media mogul founder of Harpo Studios, Oprah had a tell-all interview with Prince Harry and Meghan to discuss their lives as royals and after exiting the royal family.


The show was famous and became highly anticipated for Oprah’s declaration that “nothing is off the table!”

Without further ado, below are the figures behind the interview:

Views: 17 million +

The show recorded more than 17 million views, making it the most-viewed “non Super Bowl Sunday primetime event in over a year”. Oprah Magazine declared.

According to preliminary Nielsen figures, the show indeed drew 17.1 million views to CBS.

While the numbers are huge, they still come short of similar come-out shows of its kind that held decades ago or a year ago. This is thanks to on-demand programs that now dominate viewing habits today such as Netflix, Hulu, PrimeTV and such other.

Social Media:

The Interview was aired on traditional prime-time TV, however, social media still played a big role in its success.

Below are the numbers behind the social media accounts involved in the show:

Oprah Winfrey (Instagram): 19.4M

Oprah Magazine (The show was promoted here too): 1.5M


CBS News: 1.1M

CBS This Morning: 180K

Overall, the program enjoyed healthy promotion on social media. When other non-affiliated social media pages that promoted, discussed or critiqued the show are factored in, it’ll easily cross the 100M mark.

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