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Apple’s iPhone 13 features confirmed in new leaks

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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The yet-to-be-announced iPhone 13 lineup from Apple is already making waves as new leaks reveal new features not seen in the latest iPhone 12 lineup, OYOGist.com reports.

Forbes has reported on the iPhone 13 leaks revealed by influential “leaker” Max Weinbach and popular Youtuber Filip Koroy (aka EverythingApple Pro) in a recent dedicated article.

iPhone 13 Pro Design

The most obvious change revealed in the leak is the iPhone 13 Pro design that spots a “refined” matte back made with a “more grippy textured back that will be slightly more comfortable [to hold]”. However, Weinbach insists that while the back of the phone would sport a new design, the chassis design “will remain the same as the one in the iPhone 12.


iPhone 13 Pro Display

Weinbach confirms that the iPhone 13 Pro model will see a display upgrade to 120Hz ProMotion display, a feature that Apple users have long been anticipating. This display technology (the LPTO OLED) is the same that is has been in use in Samsung’s new Galaxy S21 lineup.

iPhone 13 Photography

There are three major upgrades on the aspect of photography, Forbes revealed. Koroy disclosed that Weinback “is doubling down now on the fact that Apple is working on astrophotography” as well as a major upgrade to the ultra-wide camera lens, which Apple is “giving the royal treatment across the entire lineup”, which include a new sensor and lens.

The astrophotography has been a popular feature in Apple’s rival phones.

However, Koroy revealed that Apple will be finally introducing “portrait video” in the upcoming iPhone 13 Pro.

“Apple has had this feature in the pipeline for quite some time. Now with the Apple A15, it will finally be possible. You will be able to record a portrait video… and then change the depth of field in the post.” Koroy told Forbes.

iPhone 13 MagSafe Upgrade

One area of controversy with the iPhone 13 is the upgrade to MagSafe, Forbes observed. Weinbach says the magnets will “be getting stronger”.

Understanding that the MagSafe is “not strong enough in the iPhone 12 models to securely hold magnetic attachments such as wallets,” Koroy says the upgrade coming to MagSafe is a positive thing, Forbes writers.

Are you looking forward to purchasing the iPhone 13 when it finally launches in September?

Credit to Forbes.com for quotes sourced in Apple’s Massive iPhone 13 Upgrades Suddenly ‘Confirmed’ In New Leaks to make this piece.

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