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BREAKING: Adamu Garba Formally Steps Down as Crowwe CEO

by Nwani Chisom
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Oyogist.com has learnt that former presidential aspirant Adamu Garba has resigned as chief executive officer of Crowwe app, am instant messaging platform, with features of both twitter and Instagram merged together.

In a statement posted to Twitter on Thursday, Garba said he was stepping down to allow one without political leaning to take charge of the daily operations of the company.

The statement reads:

“For the sake of sanity, I’ve decided to step down as the CEO of @CrowweApp.

“I will officially be handing over to the next CEO by the end of this quarter. The search for a new CEO is now open.“We will publish the necessary steps required for applicants to forward their resumes, It is my desire that Crowwe should continue to be open, free, liberal and trusted platform by all.”

He added: “Crowwe’s operational model will be transparent and free of any political interference. It has to operate as a free and vibrant platform where everyone belongs.“Therefore, it is important I let @CrowweApp be managed by those without an iota of political leanings.”

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