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Ila Orangun remains cradle of Igbomina Kingdom – Ila Orangun Elders says

by Amadu Victor
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According to report reaching oyogist.com, the Ila Orangun Elders’ Consultative Forum, has reportedly made it known that no section of the Igbomina land is superior to the Ila Orangun people.

This was made known by the Ila Orangun elders during a press conference where they revealed the true historical context of the Igbomina people and how the Igbomina people owe the Ila Orangun people allegiance.

The elders claimed that some people were trying to defy history by claiming that they also possess the pathfinder Cutlass and were superior to the Ila-Orangun people.

While speaking on behalf of the Ila Orangun elders, Pa Gabriel Oyinlola, stated that “When Ifagbamila was to leave Ile-Ife, his father presented him with a mystery pathfinder cutlass known as “ada-ogbo” to use in establishing his own Kingdom like other six direct children of the Oduduwa.


“There are four of Oduduwa sons in Nigeria, namely; the Orangun of Ila in Osun, Oba of Benin in Edo State, the Olowu in Osun State and the Alaafin of Oyo in Oyo State, and three in the Republic of Benin, namely; the Alaketu, the Onisabe and the Olupopo. All other Yoruba Obas are grandsons and great-grandsons.

“I want to say that the Orangun has a reserved bedroom in the Oduduwa Palace in Ile-Ife and it is only the Orangun, out of all Yoruba Obas, that can invoke the spirit of the Oduduwa without any adverse consequence.

“The pathfinder cutlass known as “ada-ogbo” by which the word “Igbomina” was derived is kept in a sacred place in the Orangun’s Palace.

“It is unthinkable that the legendary Oduduwa would have presented to another person, not his direct son a similar cutlass as being claimed by a community in Kwara State.”

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