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Hisbah bill makes provision for Sulton to be the Grand Patron for Hisbah

by Mustapha Olamide
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According to Sokoto State Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice, Suleiman Usman (SAN), while briefing journalists on the result of the state council meeting on Wednesday, “the bill has made the supply of making the Office of a Grand Patron for Hisbah.”

A bill for a law to determine Hisbah Board in Sokoto State to market public welfare, assist the govt in preventing harms, including Crime And Related Matters has indicated that the Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar shall upon commencement of the law be the grand patron of the body.

As such, “the Sultan (of Sokoto) has been as long as responsibility to act because the focus for identity and unity of Hisbah, preside over the annual general meeting of Hisbah Corps and Board; and advise Hisbah generally within the discharge of their duties, also as recognize success and excellence; and ideals of voluntary service.”

Primarily, “apart from the board that was established, the bill has made three innovations. One, leveraging on the powers of the Attorney-General, the bill has permitted, where the investigation is warranted, for the Attorney-General to appoint a Special Counsel, to research an allegation of the commission of a criminal offense .

“The government in furtherance of the necessity to actualize the shariah , the duties o of maintaining decorum and peaceful coexistence within the state; and, also so as to help the govt also because the security agencies within the preservation of peace within the state, aware of the necessity as Muslims to completely actualize the injunctions of Allah (SWT) within the Holy Qur’an of al-amru bil ma’aruf, wan nahyu anil munkar (ie- the commanding of excellent and eradication of evil within the society).

Explaining that the state council has approved the Bill for transmission to the state assembly, Usman said: it’s “a excellent model, not just for the state except for other states in Nigeria and even globally. it’ll be embraced together of the concrete laws that might entrench the practice of Hisbah globally.

“The activities of Hisbah has been strengthened to make sure that only qualified and highly trained persons discharge the duties. Accordingly, the law has mandated the board to return up with operational guidelines and code of conduct also as leveraging within the principle of incidence reporting to document any case of arrest,” Usman added.

He added that: “In a nutshell, once the Bill is gone by the State House of Assembly and assented to by His Excellency, it’ll really bridge the gap that existed presently in terms of maintenance of peace, enforcement of the law, particularly the Sharia legal code Law and therefore the Sharia Court Law; and also assist the safety agencies and ensuring that there are law and order.

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