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‘Sex for Grades’ was researched and co-produced by Oge Obi, Kiki was only the TV narration says Harry Obi

by Mustapha Olamide
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‘Sex for grade’ is a documentary which puts a spotlight on the sexual harassment taking place in tertiary institutions across West Africa which was said to be writen by a Nigerian journalist Kiki Mordi.

A Nigerian writer, Harri Obi, has called out Kiki Modi for using Oge Obi’s works in “Sex for Grade” and refusing to share proceeds.

Harri Obi wrote on his Twitter timeline that:

“Sex for Grades was conceptualized, pitched, researched and co-produced by Oge Obi. Kiki Mordi was simply hired to do the TV narration part and somehow it blew. But that’s not a problem. The problem is she’s winning international grants worth millions and refusing to share it.”

The documentary by the BBC details the sexual assault faced by female students at the hands of lecturers in tertiary institutions in Nigeria and Ghana.

Kiki Mordi is believed to possess pitched the thought which resulted within the award-winning documentary that trended in 2019.

She recently won the 2020 Michael Elliott Award for African Storytelling and was also one among the MTV EMA Generation Change 2020 winners.

She’s now facing an allegation that says she’s just an opportunist who claimed the glory that others worked for.

This is consistent with Oge Obi who expressed her displeasure during a thread shared on Twitter.

Oge Obi wrote: “You need to be a special level of callous to be parading yourself because the brain behind other people’s blood, sweat and tears. Even Satan no do reach like this. But congratulations, big congrats.

“Now what next? It’s been over a year already… When is that the world getting to see your next big thing? Or have you ever run out of creative juices? Need more geniuses who aren’t just poster boys/girls to latch onto just like the blood-sucking parasite that you simply are?

“You can fool your minions and therefore the gullible media but at heart you recognize your brain could never operate at this level, you don’t have the range. Call me bitter but who would be happy watching an opportunist claim what belongs to other hard workers?

“I’ll much preferably be bitter than be a talentless fluke. Like my good friend will always say, bullshit can get you to the highest but it won’t keep you there. So f*ck your congratulations and your apathetic pep talks. You and therefore the dishonourable bastard deserve each other!

“Sleep easy knowing you made the soldier ants who did the important work desire shit, knowing you made a grown-ass man cry. Add that to your award speech.”

Oge Obi’s claim was buttressed by Nigeria’s first Emmy nominee and journalist, Ruona J. Meyer, while reacting to the Michael Elliot Award won by Kiki Mordi.

She tweeted: “Kiki, confirm this point you a minimum of share whatever prize there’s with O.O and acknowledge her – given this was all her story as pitched, sourced/started.

“Real journalists have honour and also hold themselves to account, not just the govt . O.O a fellow female journalist didn’t get a good deal, and you remain complicit and a beneficiary of that. The facts, complaints, responses and even her thread are there.

“Better make it right because journalism can’t enforce ethics & fairness from others, yet cheat within.

“For any bright sparks, i used to be therein newsroom when N.O and O.O pitched that story, so don’t try me today… I suggest you are trying Jesus instead. he’s a far better option.”

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