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Senate summons communications minister Pantami

by Mustapha Olamide
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The Senate on Wednesday mandated committees on Legislative Compliance and communication to summon the minister of communication and digital economy, Isa Ali Pantami.

The panel was asked to impress the minister, the need to implement the resolution of the Senate on security issues related to the mandate of its ministry.

Red Chamber made a decision after the resolution after consideration of motion on the spate of growing insecurity in Nigeria.

Senator represents South Taraba, Emmanuel Bwacha, moved the motion, rising under Order 42 and 52 of the Senate Rules.

He noted that the level of insecurity in Nigeria did not only increase astronomically but had reached the melting point.

Bwacha said the unfavorable developments had caused kidnapping, banditry, armed robbery, murder, and other criminal activities in the country.

He said, “The murder of the Chairman of the APC of Nasarawa State and other high-profile cases is still fresh in our memories.

“A Chinese national was recently abducted in my community, his whereabouts is still unknown.

“There is a suspicion of involvement of state officials saddled with responsibility to protect the lives and properties of citizens but compromised in the process.

“This is heightened by the arrest of several security operatives involved in armed robbery and kidnapping activities across the country.

“Only in Nigeria that communication facilities can be used without biometric processes, no identification of valid passport details (in the case of foreigners) in place to check abuse,” added Senator.

He added that bandits and terrorists now negotiate for ransom using the telephone and just get away.

He said, “How can we be so negligent and not sensitive to the safety and security of citizens?

“The Senate is worried that the trust between protected and protector is increasingly eroded in the troubleshooting of law and order as shown in the protest #ENDSARS which is then hijacked by miscreants.

“The Senate further notes that political permutations in all landscapes attract politicians to recruit criminals for the purpose of disrupting the existence of the Nigerian corporation.

“This evil intention can be easily achieved given poor control over communication facilities, namely the inability of our security tools and service providers to manage this very important sector effectively,” Bwacha said.

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